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A Week In The Workshop 127

Hi everyone, welcome and welcome back; a slightly shorter one this week - I shot a bit of video on Friday expecting to add to it on the Saturday, but I’m not feeling 100% at the moment, so hopefully I’ll catch you in the week when I’m feeling a little less ‘floaty’.

Thanks so much to everyone who took a look at and provided comments and feedback on the longer version of the shelves basic build - much appreciated! There’s more to do on the edit, and I totally agree that I haven’t made the most of the opportunity for additional tips and chat during marking out and cutting; I think I’m still in “10-minute” mode, mentally, and I need to concentrate on allowing things to take a little longer!

Makers Central is starting to get real, and a decent chunk of last week was dedicated to chasing up suppliers and organisers; I’m now feeling more on top of things, and quite looking forwards to the weekend, so if you’re attending the show, be sure to pay us a visit on stand C13; I’ll be there with Mrs 10M, Stewart Matthews from ProperDIY will be there, and Karl Pope from Karl Pope Woodcraft will be on the stand as well.

Should be a fun event, and by all accounts it’ll be one of the biggest they’ve had, so look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the cost of materials is a hot topic at the moment with prices reaching record highs and this has had a real impact on the loose tenon jigs - I think I’ve said before that we’ve had to streamline some of the production to make them easier to manufacture, rather than raise prices; unfortunately, I think a victim of the price increases may be the ‘square enough’ squares, which are now almost untenable as a product as materials are almost four times what they were when I first started making them.

My plan was to put a ‘special’ set together for Makers Central with laser engraved logos and text, but the prices we’ve been quoted for that simply don’t make it possible, and I don’t really want to go to Norwich for the day just to brand a set of squares that, to be blunt, simply don’t generate the income any more.

Keep you posted on that one, but as I said in a previous AWITW, anything that takes my attention away from the channel, and away from the membership, has to be all about business and the ‘square enough’ squares are shaping up to be a poor prospect, sadly. All this could change if Birch ply prices ever get back closer to normal of course - whatever normal is! I don’t think we’re likely ever to see a sheet of 18mm Birch going for around the £45-£50 that I was paying a few years back, but we’ll live in hope!

That’s it for this one; thanks so much for your support, and I’ll hopefully catch you up in the week with news of those LTJ+ jigs!

All best and stay safe, Peter

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