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A Week In The Workshop 133

So, what started off intending to be a quick one this week turned into a bit of a ramble! Anyway, lots going on and lots of potentially interesting things which - needless to say - I’ve chatted about here strictly in confidence, amongst ourselves.

Not a huge amount of action going on though since we last chatted mid-week, but some interesting developments, not least of which being an entertaining lunch out with Mrs 10M and our ‘birthday girl’ daughter, in a part of central London that I haven’t visited for ages; a grand day out, indeed.

We’ve wrestled the website redevelopment almost over the line - and a huge thank you to Patreon supporter Danny Doyle for his help on this - and possibly against my better judgement, I invite you to take a look and have a poke about at

It does require a login to get to the good stuff - and apologies in advance for the “select the crosswalk…’ captcha-style anti-spamming measures, if you persevere with it it will let you in, I promise - and will ultimately go behind a paywall as with Patreon and YouTube memberships. If you want to skip the website and go straight to the member posts then will take you straight to the login.

The regular posts - AWITW, mid-week progress videos etc.. - are in the form of a blog as they can be scheduled, and the archive of back-catalogue posts - both public YouTube videos and member-only posts - are in a dedicated forum category, as they’re more easily searched. There’s a general-purpose ’10MW channel’ forum category, and another about 10MW products, and obviously other categories can be added if there’s the interest; I may add one just to post plans and drawings to, as ‘where would I find the plans for xxx…’ it’s a question that comes up fairly frequently.

It’s all very much a work in progress, with an awful lot of the back-catalogue still to be uploaded to the searchable archive in the forum, but the bones of it are there, the basic structure to be built upon and fleshed out into something useful; if nothing else, you can add photos in messages, and in the forums, so that’s already a big step up over Patreon and YouTube Memberships!

As I mention in the video a consequence of all this redevelopment is that we now have ‘proper’ email addresses, so if you want to reach out directly then is the one that will get my attention fastest.

So I had a little nibble of interest from Trend in the Loose Tenon Jigs, with a view to a “collaboration” - they do love that word - and it’s something that’s definitely of interest, especially for reaching into other e.g. international markets. I know Trend approached others at Makers Central as well, so I’ll treat it with a certain amount of skepticism until we’ve actually had the initial conversation, but as I say in the vid, if I’m drifting into shark-infested waters, it may be a good plan to hook up with a shark of my own, or at least make those enquiries, too; keep you posted on all that, when I have more to share, OK?

That’s it for this week. Thanks again to Patreon supporters Tom Kleinenberg for the idea about searching out Birch ply options, and to Richard Layton for the rail hinge picot alternatives; I’ll do more with both of those this week, and let you know how it goes.

Thank you as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch up with you again soon. Peter

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