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A Week In The Workshop 155

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Hey everyone. Welcome to the old friends and new faces, hope you had a good week and are having a great weekend

A slightly longer one this week as there’s a bit of ground to cover; some mid-week prep stuff, some chat about the YouTuber weekend away, a bit of housekeeping and I repeat that sander test - yes, that is the first sign of madness, doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

So the weekend away was very successful, and as always great to meet up with Keith, Matt, Andy, Charlie, Stuart, Tim, Jo and the other Matt. If I’m honest I think we probably get more out of these casual meet-ups than all of the formal lectures, as interesting as they were. As I say I the video, woodworkers are terrible at all these social engagements because we work alone in our workshops, it’s like we can never pass up the opportunity to chat with other woodworkers!

I did manage to catch up with a couple of other people though, and I mentioned in the week a young lad called James Whomsley with a channel called Project Air -

It’s great channel that gets spectacular views - routinely double his entire subscriber base, which is extraordinary, and something us woodworking YouTubers can only dream about.

Onto 10MW Plus housekeeping, and a couple of folks have mentioned the volume of email notifications they’re receiving; I can only make ‘broad brushstroke’ changes at my end, but if you go into your profile, then settings, you can toggle on/off a variety of notifications you receive in a far more granular way than I can.

As I mention in the video, I had an interesting chat with Andy Mac over the weekend; Andy’s a bit ahead of me in the ‘DIY member space’ and he’s had huge issues with spammers using his site as a ‘brute force’ credit card verification attack. Basically they apply for membership using a database of (stolen, presumably) credit card numbers, and just hosepipe the site until they find one that hasn’t been blocked (yet). This causes huge issues - apart from slowing the whole site down - as each declined ‘proposal’ incurs charges, and Andy’s had to take out insurance against it; the fact that you can get insurance against it shows how common it is, I guess…

If there’s a ‘free’ tier, though, then this is much harder to ‘hosepipe’ as you need to physically select a paid plan for each application; that’s the theory, anyway.

Now 10MW Plus was always intended as a paid platform, so I’m having a think about what a reduced access free tier might look like; as I mention in the vid I have a couple of ideas, but if anyone wants to pitch in then I’m all ears.

Once figured out, I’ll be shooting out an email ‘explainer’ to everyone affected, just FYI.

A few folks have discovered the ‘Groups’ tab in the navigation header; there’s only one group just now, and that’s for the At The Bench members; a group is like a mini forum where members can discuss - in this instance - topics for the monthly live group chat that comes as part of the ATB membership. The group is for ATB members only, if you feel you’re missing out by not being there you’d be welcome to upgrade, just contact me to let me know, OK?

And finally there’s the results of the second sander test; open to interpretation to a large degree, but I don’t think anyone can argue that the Sealey is punching well above its weight, and it’s up for grabs in the free stuff and giveaways forum right now.

Thanks as always for your amazing support; enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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