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A Week In The Workshop 161

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Hi everyone. So a genuinely shorter one today as I was out of the workshop all day yesterday, and simply haven’t made much progress on the table - more to come on that mid-week.

I spent yesterday with YouTube pals Keith Brown, Robin Clevett, Matt Estlea, Charlie DIYte, Tim from Restoration Couple and my old podcast partner Andy Mac. We try and catch up with each other a couple of times a year and this time around we decided to have the meet-up in London as it was easier for everyone to travel to. It’s always good to get the group together, and we’re planning on another early spring, perhaps getting a function room so we can make a full day of it without getting too distracted. Quieter too!

The Mondrian table is coming together, slowly - I need to get the faces trimmed and sanded before I can get the shelf in, I think, so I want to press on with that, though I have misgivings about getting it finished for this Friday; we’ll see.

The Triton Router giveaway is done and congratulations to Paul Matthews; I’ll be in touch Paul, and we can sort out how to get it to you.

Otherwise it’s just been business as usual - which I need to get back to!

I’ll catch you mid-week for a table update, but I’ll leave this one here; thank you as always for you support, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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