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A Week In The Workshop 167

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Hi everyone. SO I had a trip out to see Intelligent Fixings (the Peanut people) this week - not as entertaining as I’d hoped it would be, but I did get to see a peanut insertion machine, Omal insert 1300, an adaptation of a dowelling machine.

These are seriously expensive bits of kit, and one of the fitted furniture guys I know from the Portugal trip last year has just spent five figures on a vertical CNC for machine panels. This is next-level investment by individuals in their fitted furniture businesses, and I hate to think how many fitted wardrobes and dressing rooms they’l need to fit to justify the ROI.

Interesting too for me that the Peanut machine was an adaptation of a doweller; dowels are often touted as the ‘industry standard’ and to an extent they are, but as I’ve said before, they’re a simple, cheap connector that demands precision - the kind of precision that a move or six-figure industrial CNC can supply. Spend £100k+ to save pennies on fixings? Only makes sense when you’re dealing in very large volumes!

Talking of dowels I used the Triton Doweller (alongside the old Mafell) for the first time this week, and as you’ll see found it much improved - let’s be honest, it couldn’t have been much worse!

I do feel Triton have missed a trick though, by pitching it against the wrong competition; it wouldn’t take much to make it simply ‘feel’ better, and I reckon they could probably charge double as there’s no other hand-held power tool in that £300-£350 price range apart from the ‘premium’ biscuit jointers.

And finally, the giveaways are back; when I bought the saw I was given some micro-sustainers with a microUSB charging cable-come-lanyard inside; they’re cute, but I don’t need six of them, so five will be up for grabs in the free stuff and giveaways today. As always, just make a comment on the appropriate thread to be entered in the draw.

Thank you for your support, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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