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A Week In The Workshop 172

Hi everyone, hope all’s well with you. So not a huge amount going on in the workshop since the midweek, as I’ve been out of the workshop on the event that I helped arrange for some of the guys on the WhatsApp YouTube group I’m part of.

Me and Mrs 10M decided to make a mini mid-week ‘weekend’ of it and stayed in the #StPancrasHotel which was very nice, and the meet-up was at the #BetjemanArms in St Pancras - thanks so much to Plus member Katherine Ablett for the suggestion way back in AWITW 161 or thereabouts!

The day was a great success, we covered the topics that we’d raised, and then some, and the two dinners were a lot of fun.; we have the next one pencilled in for late summer, so watch this space!

Samples of the new Benchdogs stainless steel and aluminium squares arrived just as I was heading out of the door on Thursday, and they do look fine! I need to have a proper play with the larger of the two in particular, that I have, as I’m not sure how the 32mm shelf-pin spacing holes would work, but that’s just for me to get my head around. Lovely products, and very nicely presented.👌

I recorded the first hour or so of folks arriving for the meeting, and there’s a little clip of the meet & greet to top & tail this vid; let me know if you’d like to see a slightly longer version as a midweek vid; I’m not likely to have anything else as I’ll be in Berlin, trying to figure out why I’m in amongst all these fashion and lifestyle influencers!

Back before the weekend, and hopefully I’ll have found time to see some of the city.

Thanks as always for being part of Plus, and I’ll catch you in the next one very soon.


P.S. On the off-chance that you don’t recognise the peeps in the photo or video, present were:-

Matt -#BadgerWorkshop

Stuart - #ProperDIY

Leo - #Hand-i-Craft

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