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A Week In The Workshop 179

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Hi everyone, hope you’re well. So in this slightly scatterbrained AWITW I’m delighted to introduce the first test samples of the next gen Loose Tenon Jig, provisionally called the LTJ 30; it uses a (more) standard 30mm guide bush, and as some of you will know is a bit of a hybrid, combining the basic LTJ with some of the features of the LTJ Plus.

We’re also shifting away from Birch ply to a manufactured board, Finsa’s CompacMel, for reasons of consistency, availability, and yes, cost. It’s much more dense than Birch ply, which is a mixed blessing - nice ‘heft’ but more expensive shipping costs (especially abroad) - and whilst it’s not a board that’s in short supply, exactly, it’s one that requires some careful stock management; you certainly can’t nip down the the yard to pick up another sheet if you run short!

Overall though, I’m delighted with these first samples - lots of changes to be made of course, I think the counter-bored holes for the reference pins are the only ones that don’t change in some way, but that’s the nature of product development; you can draw what you like, produce the most intricate ‘renders’ but until you get a product in your hand, you’ll never really have a true feel for what you’re trying to make, or what you can make with it.

More to come on this, but this is where we are, and I’ll call this one done for now.

Thank you so much for your support, enjoy the weekend, and I’ll catch you mid-week.


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