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A Week In The Workshop 198: Square Enough?

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OK, so apologies, it took longer to get through this than I thought it would - and maybe there’s more to come as well, let me know what you think down below.

Just quickly the latest ‘square enough’ samples arrived after I’d shot this, so I’ll just add a note here to say that they’re available in the store and your member discount is applied in the usual way.

Direct link to these products in the store is pasted below, and as I mentioned previously prices have increased since I last had these available a couple of years ago - Birch ply, VAT etc.. etc..- but I've kept the increase modest (+£5) for this first run, and the member discount is in place to help reduce the sting a little. Also bear in mind that these come in pairs, unlike say, UJK, who price them individually... 🤔

Cheers all, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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