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A Week In The Workshop 208

For all 10MW Plus Members -

Hi everyone. Just a chatty catch up this week; we finally turn a corner (or go round the bend) with the kitchen extension, I mess up - but save - the Gift List video, which then performs poorly, me and Mrs 10M get out into the city for a couple of short breaks, and I meet another, unrelated, Millard.

Oh, and I unbox the Metabo rattle - couldn’t resist!

Thanks all - I’ll catch the BT, MO and ATB members in the midweek with a bit more on the socket cut-outs for those kitchen panels.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


The Lookout at 8 Bishopsgate - free, but you need to book;

Chelsea Physic Gardens - not free (~£10) and you still need to book;

Stu Parker sander ‘shoe’ and more -

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