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A Week In The Workshop 217 [all members]

Hi everyone. I’ve been doing weekly AWITW vlog-style videos for a while now (since 2019!) and I’ve decided to change things around a little. Starting today with AWITW 217, there’ll be two versions of A Week In The Workshop, the standard one for all members, and an extended one for Behind The Scenes, Marking Out and At The Bench members.

I’ve been grinding my way through the workshop clearance list, and all the smaller items have been shipped. I’m still waiting on addresses from a few folks - everyone’s been contacted so check your messages and get back to me please. Oh, and can I ask for “Jon P” to get in touch - a bit too cryptic that one!

I’m having an open day for collection of items in the clearance next Saturday, 10th, workshop address below. Folks can make their own arrangement with me if this isn’t convenient, but bear in mind I do want everything gone in the next couple of weeks, thanks.

Workshop address: Unit 24, 63 Jeddo Road, London W12 9EE

Congratulations to Paul whose name came up for the Trend sanders and Colin, who get the Draper disc sander; I’ll be in touch re collection.

Next giveaways are for a couple of corded nailers, they’re smaller and I will post them anywhere, but they are 240v.

Up for grabs are my Maestri ME 606 nailer/stapler that fires 18g nails or brads, and narrow-crown staples, max 25mm. And there’s my Spotnails SE30/08 21g 240v pin gun, technically a veneer Pinner, not headless, theoretically drives pins up to 30mm, but in practical use 25mm is more realistic.

Usual rules apply, just the one form for these, and there’ll be 2 draws, first name out will get the Maestri then the Spotnails, link below.

I had a good question from Geoffrey Coan in the forum about drawer box construction that I thought was worth expanding on a bit, and that longer video is available for BTS, MO and ATB members.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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