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Benchdogs Quad MFT hinge system [**Gifted/Ad]

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In this video I take a quick first look at the new and as yet unreleased Quad MFT Rail Hinge System from Benchdogs. As I mentioned in previous videos it’s hard to believe that there are only two - now three - commercially available rail hinges, so this is a welcome addition from Benchdogs, especially as they take a different approach to the other hinge systems. Enjoy! NB: this is a pre-production sample, the shipping items will be anodised and laser-etched with all the usual Benchdogs goodness.

** This hardware was supplied for review; I have not been paid to make this video or say nice things about the product; as a affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales, so be sure to use the offer code “10MINUTEWORKSHOP” at checkout for a 5% discount across the board at, and I’d like to thank Benchdogs for extending that offer.

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