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Mid-week Hinge Whinge

Hey everyone. Just a quick one to update you on the rail hinge business. I realised that I’ve been pulling myself in different directions with this idea - a set of plans and a potential product; neither direction is a bad place to be, but actually I do need to concentrate on one of them at a time, a little like I did - accidentally - with the loose tenon jig(s).

So, I’m all in on a set of plans based around my original design, but probably using the side-mounted hinge pivot idea from Richard Layton - thanks Richard! I’ve made the components for that, and I need to put them together into a working hinge to make sure I don’t hit any obvious snags, but otherwise it’s looking pretty good.

As I mentioned in last Sunday’s member vid, I’ll be disengaging for a few days to be with family during the Jubilee celebration, but will be back posting as soon as I can, most likely at the weekend or soon after, OK?

Thank you for your amazing support, enjoy the jubilee jollies if you’re here in Britain, and I’ll catch you as soon as I can.


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