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Mid-week T12 first impressions

Hi everyone. Just a quick (ha!) mid-week vid to give a few first impressions of the new Trend T12 router that arrived yesterday.

Goodness me, do I ever hate the box that this comes in! Is that a justifiable complaint do you think? It feels like the worst kind of nit-picking and moaning, but I find it baffling that a company that can make the decision to maintain a consistent guide bush size across all its models - no mean feat - can be so utterly thoughtless as to how their pricey tool is packaged. I can virtually guarantee that every plunge saw at this level comes in a decent carry-case - most likely a variation of the systainer - and yet routers seem to be thrown into a blow-moulded pice of ‘craptastic’ plastic that we’re expected top be thankful for. Bizarre.

Anyway, this is the first router that I’ve seen that’s been ‘re-educated’ to comply with the IEC legislation that I discussed when I did my router bench build. Short version; routers need to have the equivalent of an NVR built into them as a safety feature, which makes them impractical to use in a router table; Trend are accommodating this by splitting the top-of-the-tree router line-up into two models, this T12 aimed at heavy-duty hand-held use, and the other T14 pitched squarely at router table use, with a remote switch included in the package - at a premium, of course.

All very interesting, but the list price of the T14 (~£720 inc VAT) pushes it awfully close into the territory occupied by milling motors and router lifts.

More on this as I get to use it, and I’ll be watching Leo at Hand-i-craft and Matt at BadgerWorkshop with interest, as I believe they have the T14 to play with.

Cheers for now, Peter

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