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Sharp and a little bit Scary [member edit]

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Is this even legal? In this one I take a look at a router bit that looks like a medieval instrument of torture! As mentioned in the video I’m not linking to these bits, but they’re easy enough to find if you choose to go looking for them.

Health & Safety Executive guidance on limited cutter projection tooling -

BE EN 847 - tools for woodworking; safety requirements -

Thanks so much to Keith @ragnbonebrown for the clips of his planer; see Keith’s planer extraction fix video here - htps://

Direct member video link -


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3M strong double-sided tape -

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AUK router supplied for long-term review by Woodworkers Workshop. Use the offer code ’10MINUTEWORKSHOP’ with the links below for a 5% discount on these products, and thanks so much to Woodworkers Workshop for extending that offer.

Trend double bearing flush cut 19 x 50mm x 1/2” shank -

Benchdogs products gifted without obligation:-

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Notice at the end of the 30-sec video from Blacktail Studio how his scary router bit is leaving behind ridges along each cutter.

He must be a heavy user of that one!


Duck and cover! Great review Peter

Replying to

Thanks John! Seemed like a good approach on an untested bit! 😂👍


Feb 16

Good overview of that bit and bits in general. I don't do much with my router and I don't have a router table, but if I did that bit would be in the collection. Really clean, smooth looking cuts (in oak no less) from it, wonder how long it will be before western manufacturers come out with something similar.

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Cheers Paul! According to some of the comments on the public YouTube video they’re available from ‘reputable’ suppliers already. 👍

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