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ShopVlog 2023 [member edit]

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And we're back! Hi everyone; in this vlog-style video I'm taking the opportunity to fill everyone in on where I've been, what I've been up to, and what's coming to the channel in the next few weeks and months. Enjoy!

Tl;dr - first 2023 build is under way, with more to come:-

Triton Doweller vs original Mafell Doweller.

What’s the fuss about Birch Ply?

Why Buy Expensive tools?

Are the Birch Ply ‘alternatives’ being so heavily promoted worth a damn?

Three ways to make great drawers.

How to cheat at woodwork (AKA making the most of what you have)

How the (MDF) sausage is made.

Tracksaw guy buys a tablesaw.

Base cabinetry basics.

23 kitchen doors; build or buy?

And many, many more.


Other videos of interest:-

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