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Welcome to the 10 Minute Workshop

I'm Peter Millard and I make short-ish videos on YouTube about woodwork projects, some client work, handy hints and tips and the occasional product or tool review; this website has links to and samples of all my social stuff, details on the Plus members' area, and a bit more about me.

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Join Us

10MinuteWorkshop Plus members have access to ad-free versions of the public videos, as well as exclusive content, a weekly vlog, behind the scenes and over the shoulder kind of videos that wouldn’t usually see the light of day, plus early access to and discounts on 10MinuteWorkshop products like the loose tenon jigs and ‘Square Enough’ clamping guides. There’s a searchable archive of all the 10minuteworkshop YouTube back catalogue and all exclusive member videos, plus a lively new member forum where you can get your questions answered, and maybe provide some answers for other folks too.