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10MinuteWorkshop Plus is the independent members area for 10MinuteWorkshop subscribers, and is my replacement for the legacy member platforms like Patreon and YouTube Memberships. 10MinuteWorkshop still has a presence on those platforms, but the exclusive member content is only posted here on Plus.

The site revolves around the Blog and the Forum. The Blog is where the member videos are posted (in a blog format so they can be scheduled) and the Forum is where the bulk of the non-video content is held, as it's easy keep it organised in one place.


The Forum is an old-school Internet forum that's split into specific topics, or categories; they should be self-explanatory, and all are accessed from the general Forum page. The video archive forums are updated approximately monthly and there’s a search box on every page - all posts are hashtagged as appropriate and member-defined hashtags can be added as comments.


There are three membership plans, and the plan options are explained in both a video, and laid out in writing, plan-by-plan, if you click on the "plus" link in the navigation header on any page, or on the big + button halfway down  the home page; there's a direct link to that pricing plan page where everything is explained here.


There’s a 14-day full-access free trial, and a free signup option with restricted access. 


If you’re a mobile user, the Wix Spaces app is a convenient way to view the site and is available here -


Wix spaces app for iOS -

Wix spaces app for Android -


…and you can find the site easily using invite code PPSQ98


Thank you! Peter

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