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A Week In The (Festool) Workshop 177

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Hi everyone. So yes, this week is all about my visit to the Festool UK headquarters in Suffolk. It’s a part of the world I don’t really know but Festool UK have been in the area forever, and in this new building for the last few years. It’s a very impressive facility, and I was invited along by Gary Banks who you may know from instagram.

Gary’s a working fitted furniture guy from Essex doing very high-end work, and an early adopter of the Shaper Origin system, and he’d brought his own Shaper along to demonstrate, and to let a few other folks have hands-on with it. As always, it's quite difficult to get (YouTube) usable video from these kind of group things, so I think I'll suggest a solo revisit as it was interesting enough to warrant some attention - and we'll see how that goes down!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vid, thanks as always for being here, and I'll catch you again in the week.

Best, Peter

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