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A Week In The Workshop 150*

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This YouTube life - one day Venice Marco Polo, the next Mirka Milton Keynes!

Hi everyone. A little bit of housekeeping first, and once again this video is going out to all channel members, regardless of the platform and level of membership because I want to be sure that everyone has had access to the message. As you may be aware there are big changes afoot with the member platforms, as I transition away from Patreon and YouTube Memberships to my own member platform, 10MinuteWorkshop Plus.

We are into September now, and for the rest of this month things will continue as they are, but from October 1st 2022 all new member content will only be posted at 10MinuteWorkshop Plus, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you have the rest of the month to disengage from the legacy platforms and move over to Plus.

Anyway, I had a good day out at Mirka, I had hands-on with lots of sanders I wouldn’t normally see, let alone touch - I’ll talk a bit more about that in the mid-week vid, I think as there’s a bit to unpack.

I’ve been away, Wednesday to Wednesday, which is why everything has been scheduled, please excuse me if my responses haven’t been as timely as usual. But the best laid schedules, like the best laid plans, can go awry, and sadly The Queen passed away (announced on Thursday evening, not Friday as I say in the video, my apologies) throwing everyone into a bit of a tizzy and scrambling for ‘safe’ things to say and do.

I had the Danish Cord video scheduled already, and it is performing as expected ie poorly; I said last week that “I don’t care that videos do poorly” whereas what I meant to say was that it doesn’t bother me when this happens because I’m not playing the algorithm game any more. I do care deeply about the performance of the channel, though - nobody wants to make videos that aren’t watched.

Talking of which, my Instagram fell off a cliff this last week. I have over 30k followers and an average post of mine typically gets 150 - 250 likes, and 10-20k views; last Wednesdays had 14 likes and 400 views! Saturday’s seems to be doing better, so I’d guess it was subject-related, but always a bit of a head scratcher when its happens.

A consequence of chasing around a bit is that I don’t have a public YouTube video prepared for this week; I have a couple of ideas that might work for a quicker, easier, vid. but part of being on a slower timetable was that I don’t have to scramble something out just to hit my own self-imposed schedule, so I may well skip a week; we’ll see.

I’ve already done the wheelspin for this weeks disposal of assets, which is my very first DIY MFT proof of concept, and that’s gone to Plus member Mark Stanbridge, congrats Mark, I’ll be in touch.

I also want to shoutout to long-time Patreon supporter and now 10MWPlus member Dafydd; Dafydd (TheDeafMaker on Instagram) is a contestant on the new series of HandMade - Britains Best Woodworker, and the first episode is out on Wednesday this week at 8.00pm on Channel 4; if you can’t watch live, be sure to record it!

Thanks to everyone who registered their interest in helping out with the MFT-router bit quest. Obviously I couldn’t do much while I was away so I’ll be in touch this week. I only have one set of bits in two shank sizes, so I’ll be contacting the folks who have the widest range of routers first, but it occurs to me that we’ll actually be compiling a report of router accuracy between brands as much as anything, albeit allowing for router age and different users making the cuts, but it could make interesting reading, so if everyone is still willing I’ll work my way through the list beyond my initial needs, just to get as much data as possible.

I had the first test of the Benchdogs Ruler 32mm jig, and I’ll probably chat about that a bit more in the mid-week as well, so I’ll call this one done for now.

Thank you as always for your amazing support, please do consider switching over the the 10MW Plus platform, and I’ll catch you in the week.


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*Honestly, if I thought it would last this long I'd have taken better care of it...

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