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A Week In The Workshop 183

Well, that was a week; four months to the day since I ordered - and paid for in full - for my Festool CSC SYS 50, I cancelled my order with Warren at ToolFest. And then did what a normal person would do and bought one from Amazon - arrives Tuesday!

I’m still a little unclear where the saw is coming from, and wether this causes any issues with warranties I’ll find out when I register it with Festool; I have a 30-day no-quibble return window with Amazon though, which is twice as long as Festool gives you in the UK!

I have enough spare 18v batteries to get me started, but a pair with bluetooth would be handy to trigger the vac - don’t need the duo charger as I have two already.

Exciting times ahead; oh, and I’m moving house as well this week!

As I say in the vid I decided against starting in on the Triton doweller video - I already had the home office remodel shot, just needed to edit it and add in the voiceover; the cabinets are all done, and I should be able to get the shelves knocked out in the next couple of weeks or so as well.

Probably won’t have a midweek video done unless the saw arrives really early on Tuesday, as Wednesday is moving day, but I’ll catch you at the weekend with some news of something, I’m sure!

Thanks as always for your patience and support, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you all again very soon.


p.s. there’s still a few Festool CSC SYS 50 available on Amazon, if anyone’s interested -

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