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A Week In The Workshop 227 - it’s good to talk, and great to make...

For all 10MW Plus members

Hi everyone! So a good week overall, dentistry notwithstanding. I had a couple of days in Norwich, and caught up with a few folks.

But first, a bit of housekeeping; thanks everyone for the reports of the missing notification emails. Alan is looking into it; only thing I’ve changed recently is to add in the new newsletter provider, but that was over a month ago so not likely to be the cause. We’ll get to the bottom of it I’m sure, but it feels like something else has changed somewhere else, to result in these inconsistent issues.

I made a couple of transcribing errors on the DIY SYS TOTE plans, I’m sorting those out now and the revised plans should be in the plans forum by the time this video is live.

So I had a great time in Norwich, haven’t been since the early 80s, it’s a lively little city, we had a nice lunch & a few drinks afterwards and everywhere was packed, even on a Thursday lunchtime; great to catch up with Keith rag n Bone Brown, Stuart Proper DIY Matthews, Lewis from LTW Carpentry and Aiden from the Aiden Project.

Also managed to pay a visit to Rhys at Infinity CNC and had a quick tour of his facility - wow, that’s a lot of machines packed in there - and took a look at a really interesting material sample he’s been machining for the cabinetry in a superyacht.

Hilariously electrics incomplete and annoyingly buzzing, back next week. Didn’t start on Wednesday, was still doing it Friday.

Also picked ups the final version of the 10MW MultiJig, which is looking pretty great, as you’ll see in the video.

Also, double-sided tape. 🤷‍♂️ Enjoy!

Thanks everyone for you support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you in the midweek.


Direct video link -

3M 9088P strong double-sided tape -

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Out of interest/amusement, I wonder what the 10MW multi-jig would cost made out of aluminium by InfinityCNC? We often ‘comment’ about the price of benchdogs’ lovely products (especially compared to Chinese versions), be interesting to see the comparison against MDF sheet goods

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Peter VD
Peter VD
14 abr

Peter, an addendum I doubt YT would allow me to post. Have a look at Google's new "Email sender guidelines" at The topic is still fairly fresh in my mind, might be able to assist.

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Trip adjacent. Norwich is quite near the civil parish that bares my ancestral family name (I live in the US) as seen here on the 10 Minute Workshop forum. How's that for trivia? Just what you wanted to know. Ha ha. I would like to get there someday as I've only been to London. Jig is coming a long great.

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Hi Peter

The handle jig is shaping up nicely and Im going to get one , but just thought i would mention a couple of rounded corners at different radiuses would come in really useful .Would pretty much make it the perfect jig.

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Contestando a

Thanks Neil. I do say in the video that we really need the full width of the jig intact for clamping, so putting a radius on there would compromise that. I have rounded corners on the MFT jig, where I have a bit more space to play with. 👍

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