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And we're back...

Hey everyone. Just a quick one to say thanks so much for your patience over the last couple of weeks while me and Mrs 10M took the opportunity to disconnect for a while. To be fair, no WiFi and a shonky phone signal makes for an enforced disconnection, so some time had to spent in bars and cafes snagging their WiFi. No, no need to thank us - we did it all for you...

So yes, we're back and it's hot, so take care, drink plenty, and be sure to stay safe and well.

Catch you on Sunday when I hope to have the MFT/Plus prototype ready for a demo.

Thanks as always, for your amazing support.


Direct video link -

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Very wise not to announce your movements, apparently if you announce you're away on social media then some home insurance won't cover you.

Jul 19, 2022
Replying to

That’s a very good point Dafydd - forgot to mention that! Thank you! 👍👍

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