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AUK Router and Jessem Lift [member edit]

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In this one I’m changing the #Sautershop milling motor and lift for the #AUK motor and #Jessem lift. Enjoy!

**Products supplied for review by Woodworkers Workshop. I have not been paid to make this video or say nice things about the product, as a WWW affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales; be sure to use the offer code ’10MINUTEWORKSHOP’ with the links below for a 5% discount (valid until December 31st 2022) on these products, and thanks so much to Woodworkers Workshop for extending that offer. As a WWW affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales made using these links.


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Heads up; as an affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made through these links.

Wherever possible links are to actual products used, but this is not always possible e.g. some products are not available in the US, so something [similar] has been linked to instead.

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Featured in this video (other brands are available)

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Stainless steel graphics knife, Olfa SAC-1 - (US -

Allen key set -

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