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Hi everyone.

Bit of a longer one this time around; I started shooting the interviews for the ’big build’ videos and share a little bit of the setup for that, and I’ve also started thinking about a different strategy for bringing that content to the public, alongside a set of YouTube video of course.

In the extended version there’s a bit more chat about the front rail support idea, and the possibility of a router template for handle cutouts; watch this space!

I did completely forget to talk about the teams meeting I had last Wednesday - long story short it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped it might have been, but we have at least moved forwards with it and I’ll talk more on that in the midweek, might even have something to show you - but no promises!

Congratulations to the winner of the Bosch Reciprocating saw giveaway - I’ll be in touch - and the next giveaway is my Festool “Toolie” tool - a kind of very specific pocket multitool made by Festool way back; turns out it's still available for about £35 if anyone doesn't want to wait to see if they win this one! I’ll ship this anywhere, usual rules apply - one entry per person only please, use the form to put your details down, link below.

Festool 'toolie' tool giveaway -

Thanks everyone for being part of Plus, and I’ll catch you again soon.


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Having built 2 new houses from scratch in the last 8 years, first one as the project manager and second one as a builder's client, I can say that your potential income project is very interesting but ultimately incredibly complicated, so it's going to involve many cans of worms! I remodelled 10 houses before starting on new builds so learned the various topics over decades, some as DIY projects but many through employing tradespeople.

The guided shortcut concept you describe could and should be extremely valuable to the inexperienced house remodeller or potential builder, but there's a huge amount of information required and it needs to be configured and condensed into the most appropriate package(s).

Best of luck.


Thanks Peter!

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