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Cheap or Cheat? [member edit]

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Cheap or Cheat? Either way, I make the most of what I have and get a good looking cabinet for less cash! In this one I’m making the carcass for the final cabinet in the workshop makeover, a 5-drawer unit that I’m also using it as a test project for some new tools and materials. Enjoy!

I finished this cabinet with Carnauba wax from Leo at Hand-i-Craft, pick some up at Leo’s new store here -

I used Finsa Fibracolour for the lipping, and Finsa Hidrofugo for the carcass; Google them for stockists, or follow @finsauk on instagram.

Other videos of interest:-

Dowel Jig Basics -

Loose Tenon Basics -

Cabinetry Basics P1 -

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Ikea Curtain track DIY MFT -

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New to track saws? Tracksaw workshop & all tracksaw-related videos in a playlist here -


Handy consumables & gear:-

Note that prices fluctuate - some have risen since I made my purchases.

Triton Duo Doweller (full review coming soon) - (US: nope, sorry 🤷‍♂️)

Adjustable cabinet feet - (US: [similar]

Benchdogs. Use offer code 10minuteworkshop at checkout for 5% discount across the board at

Benchdogs precision rulers (Gifted) -

Bessey DuoKlamp - (US:

Festool lever clamp - (US:

Festool Midi extractor - (US:

Stainless steel graphics knife, Olfa SAC-1 -

Polyvine Polyten PVA - (US(crazy price, just for reference)

Tongue depressors (waxing spatulas) - (US: similar)

Hultafors Talmeter tape measure - (US:

Moldex 6810 in-ear defenders - (US:

Bahco 6” combi square - (US:

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Nice cabinet Peter. I too have used strips of timber to face the edges. In particular MDF shelves which were painted white with a Rimu edge applied. Looks good and a good use of leftover materials.


Nice simple cabinet should really be in the basic build series.

looks great with the contrasting finishes too.

Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Joe! Way too many tools used for a basic build - though a simple cabinet build is on the cards, maybe with (shudders) pocket-hole screws and dowels. 🤔


Nice job Peter, “all gone together very nicely with no issues” 🤔 we may know differently …

One question, did you cut the drawer boxes and fronts after you had constructed the frame, the video suggested you had? Reason I ask is my first ever set of drawers I did it that way, building the frame and then measuring and cutting the drawers and I got all sorts of minor mis-alignment issues, proving that I could neither measure 100% accurately or put a pencil mark down precisely either. Sub-mm errors meant that the drawer boxes were not totally flat and I had to plane at least 1 drawer to get it to fit properly. Since its only a workshop cab…

Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Geoffrey! I haven't cut the drawer boxes yet - just the fronts, so that I could put them in place at the end to give an idea of how it would look, finished - so I'll be doing it the first way! I'm trying to do a lot in this cabinet - different materials, different drawer runners, different tools and yes, trying to keep some video back for a 'base cabinetry basics' video too! All of which means I just didn't have time to get everything cut in one hit, so I'll be making the drawer boxes over the next few days, probably. Let's hope they fit! 😂

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