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DIY Rail Hinge Step-by-Step

Hi everyone. This is the step-by-step video (with a little bit of intro just for the members) that accompanies the ‘Plus’ version of the Rail Hinge Plans. There's a public-facing YouTube video out on Friday at noon, and there'll be a members version of that video published here as well, of course, but this step-by-step was ready and I thought I'd just post it here a little early for you.

It won’t give away any surprises - it’s very much a ‘how-to’ about the build, rather than the ‘why’ of the public video - but if you prefer to wait until Friday before taking a look then no problem.

I think I can put the plans here in this post, and I’ll add them in to the Plans forum when I manage to get that set up; it all takes such a long time!

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with the hinge, it scratches all the itches I had with the otherwise excellent rail hinges from Benchdogs, Dashboard and Festool, and hopefully it may do the same for you too!

Cheers for now, Peter

Direct video link -

Yep, that worked - plans below! 👍

Edit: revised plans below - slight error on original P4, front rail riser slot not centred.

DIY Rail HInge Plus
Download PDF • 1.72MB

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