Extrusion Confusion - A Guide To MFT Hardware

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In this video I try and cut a path through the confusing mess of conflicting standards and talk you through the hardware choices I made for my DIY MFT-alike, and why I made them. Enjoy!

Direct video link - https://youtu.be/za5B-XrSuH0

Special thanks to Rob_Mc at the UKWorkshop forum for mentioning the Ikea option in this thread - https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/bargain-alert-ikea-£1-aluminium-extrusions-diy-mft-style-clamping.131985/ As a Benchdogs affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales; use the offer code ‘10MINUTEWORKSHOP’ at checkout for 5% discount across the board at Benchdogs.co.uk +++++++++ Other videos of interest:- MFT Playlist - all my MFT & MFT-related videos in one place - http://bit.ly/MFT-related Portable Bench - https://youtu.be/7OqrljJHOaw Ultralight portable bench - https://youtu.be/oEiiVAiBvt0 Benchdogs fence - https://youtu.be/KXBdxdeM_3Y Benchdogs FenceDogs - https://youtu.be/DezSQjhcbbk ++++++++ Featured/mentioned in this video:- Dashboard bracket set - https://dashboardpws.com/products/guide-rail-brackets-set Ikea Vidga triple track - https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/vidga-triple-track-rail-included-ceiling-fittings-white-70492886/ Rutlands T-Track - https://www.rutlands.com/sp+jig-making-t-tracks-t-tracks-t-track-83mm-x-1000mm-pack-of-2-rutlands®+r8002x2 Rutlands t-track accessory set ** NB: NOT M8 ** - https://www.rutlands.com/sp+t-track-hardware-kit-60-piece-19mm-and-83mm+R8018 Ooznest V-slot 8020 - https://ooznest.co.uk/product/v-slot-linear-rail-20x80mm-cut-to-size/ KJN 8040 (10mm slot) - https://www.aluminium-profile.co.uk/40x80l-aluminium-profile-kjn993130 Because of the way the Festool catalogue works I can't link to the items directly, but the parts numbers are listed below, and if you search for those links should pop up for you to order them as spare parts. 497022 Support - this is the front rail support 497023 Support unit - this is the hinge part at the back of the MFT for the rail 472862 Profile - this is the MFT/3 aluminium profile 455242 Profile - this is the Festool 1080 aluminium profile

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