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Forthcoming schedule

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the feedback re. early release of forthcoming videos in place of previews. Particularly over the next few weeks, this will make things a bit easier for me, and we can always review after the festive fortnight and see if you prefer to go back to the preview system. I've noticed though, that most 'makers' on Patreon do an early release, rather than a preview, so it could well be the way to go.

It occurs to me too, that you may like to see the schedule for the next couple of weeks?

Tomorrow, Tuesday 28th, I have a regular quick 'Tuesday Tip' video, and this Friday (Dec. 1st) there's the third of my Gifts for Giving videos, and in this one I'm making a table lamp. I'll make this available to you from Thursday.

Next week I'm taking a break from the 'Gifts for Giving' series, and instead putting out two full-length videos about Gifts to Receive; a dozen or so small tools or handy things that may make useful gift ideas for you, whether you're after pocket-money stocking fillers, or something a bit more indulgent.

Part 1 on Tuesday 5th has a bit of a 'measuring and marking' vibe going on, and Part 2 on Friday 8th has slightly more off-the-wall 'I wouldn't have thought *that* would be useful for a woodworker' theme. Access a day early for all you Patreon Pals, of course.

So that's the story so far. Keep you posted!

Cheers, Peter.

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