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Gift List 2022 [member edit]

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Hi everybody and welcome to the annual Gifts List video, where I go through a few #gift #ideas for the folks who are good with their hands. Because we may be feeling the squeeze a bit more this year - and if you’re not, the folks buying for you may be - I’m concentrating on items that are a little less spendy, and if nothing on this list tickles your fancy, then maybe take a look at one of the previous videos, links down below as always. 👍


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**This video may contain items that were supplied/gifted for review. I have not been paid to make this video; as an affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales.


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Featured in this video:-

Hinge drilling guide -

Tailors Awl, or ‘scratch’ or ‘tickers’ Awl -

Stainless steel graphics knife, Olfa SAC-1 - (US -

SanderCard - (US -

Rhodia spiral-bound dot book A5 (£7) & A4 £12) - A5 -, A4 - (US: A4+ only in dot

Keith Brown clear wax -

Benchdogs MFT stoppers -

03 Adhesive thick CA glue -

O3 Adhesive Accelerator -

Chestnut Spirit stains -(red) - (sample pack - sample pack of all 9 colours around £28

Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic colours - water-based dyes - - sample pack about £35, 11 colours and a Danish oil

Robin Clevett hinge jig -

Dave Stanton Dog Locks -

Stu Parker creations - Guidrail bar attachment for my DIY rail hinge, 18mm guide bush for the OF1010

Sixpence industries rail stay -

GloForce Eye-light -

Smallrig magic arm £15 load rating of 1.5Kg-

Male/małe converter /connector (US:

Bessey horizontal fixture clamp WNS-SET-MFT -

Give the gift of 10MW Plus membership with a 10Minuteworkshop Plus gift card -

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