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Gift list 2023 [member edit]

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Don’t worry, you haven’t lost a couple of weeks, I’m just doing this video a little earlier to coincide with Black Friday as who doesn’t like a bit of discount when they can get it? Talking of which, there’s 10% off all 10MW physical products at for the Black Friday weekend - discounts end Monday at midnight and stocks are limited, so dive in quick if there’s something you fancy.

In this video I’m talking you through a collection of interesting little things I’ve come across over the course of the year that I thought you may also find interesting; prices range from free to a little under a couple of hundred quid, with the vast majority under £20 so there should be something for everyone - and if not, there’s the ‘gift ideas and projects’ playlist below with all the previous years videos. Enjoy!


Heads up; as an Amazon Associate, an eBay Partner Network member, a Trend UK, Benchdogs UK, O3Adhesives and Rennie Tools affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made through these links, and many thanks if you do.

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Other videos and playlists of interest:-

Gift ideas and projects playlist -

Cabinetry basics playlist -

Loose tenons playlist -

Tracksaw workshop Playlist -


Useful links:

Paul’s Domino 500 Replacement Stop -

Browse the 10MW Everyday Workshop Essentials list here -

Visit my Amazon store here -

See the full Gift List 2023 on Amazon here -

Approximately least costly to most:-

Tongue depressors / waxing spatulas -

Silicon pastry (glue) brushes -

Ascenix mini suction cups -

Paint touch-up brush pens -

Rhodia memo pad -

Sharpie twin tip -

Bic Matic pencils 0.7mm -

BicMatic Fine point 0.5mm -

Woodworking compasses -

How to Build Impossible Things by Mark Ellison (Kindle, paperback, hardback and audiobook) -

Drillblock Drilling Guide -

Plastic packers or shims 2023 -

Sabrecut mini micro ratchet handle -

Wera stubby driver -

Olfa CS/5 Dual-Blade Multii-Trade Tool - Not on Amazon, google it

Neewer phone mount -

Ulanzi ST 27 phone mount -

Enventor 25m green line Laser level -

Metabo advent calendar / Christmas rattle -

EarFun Air Pro 3 bluetooth earbuds -

Mirock Tools 150mm brass rule -

Nedo F380211 Messfix-Compact Telescopic Measuring Rod -

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