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Loose Tenon Jig 30 [member edit]

Morning all; managed to set the public-facing video to go live at midnight instead of midday, so I'm popping this one out early too! Enjoy!

In this video it’s my pleasure to introduce the next generation of the 10MW Loose Tenon Jig, the LTJ30

If you don’t know the back story I did a video about a DIY loose tenon jig a couple of years ago, it took about six months to wrestle a flat-pack cnc version of that jig into production and a second larger or Plus version of that jig followed about a year after that.

This new version combines the simple functionality of the original jig together with the shelf-pin goodness of the Plus jig, but in a new material and using a more readily available 30mm guide bush, hence the new name - the LTJ30.

Most of the first run has already sold but you can preorder at, or on the ‘merchant shelf’ directly below the video.

Thank you!

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