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Loose Tenon Jig Plus [members edition]

Ad-free for members - thanks all! In this video is it my pleasure to introduce the latest 10MinuteWorkshop Loose Tenon Jig, the LTJ+. Though functionally similar to the original Loose Tenon Jig, the ‘plus’ is bigger, and it does more. Bigger, so it’s easier to use with larger routers, with wings for easier clamping and a clamping area ‘safe zone’ that’s clearly marked, and with rows of guide bush holes that makes boring holes on 32mm centres a breeze - perfect for shelf pins. Enjoy! The 10MinuteWorkshop Loose Tenon Jig Plus is available in my Etsy store now, and ships globally. Use the MEMBER20 discount code for 20% discount at checkout. 👍

My Etsy - Direct video link - +++++ Other videos mentioned:- Ultimate DIY loose-tenon jig - Flat-pack CNC Loose tenon Jig - Loose Tenon basics -

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