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LTJ Plus explainer / assembly guide

Hi everyone. This is the Loose Tenon Jig + Assembly Guide, and accompanying text. If you're not familiar with this version of the jig, then this video explainer should help. I'll have a full launch video out in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Direct video link -

#LTJ+ #LooseTenonJigPlus #AssemblyGuide ***** Hi, and thanks so much for picking up the 10MW Loose Tenon Jig Plus; this video is just a very quick explainer about the assembly of the jig - an assembly instruction manual, if you like. As always, if you have any questions, please ask through the member channels, or through social media. Thanks! Peter.

Also mentioned - Loose Tenon Jig Plus launch video - coming soon Regular Loose Tenon Jig assembly guide - Flat-pack CNC Loose tenon Jig - Loose Tenon basics - Rennie Tool router bits; links below are affiliate links, I may earn from qualifying sales. Use the offer code “10MinuteWorkshop” at checkout for 5% discount across the board at Rennie Tools. 1/4” shank x 5mm x 60mm Carbide spiral upcut bit - 1/4” shank x 5mm x 70mm Carbide spiral upcut bit - 1/4” shank x 5mm x 80mm Carbide spiral upcut bit - 1/4” shank x 5mm x 90mm Carbide spiral upcut bit - Direct video link -

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