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Midweek 102

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Hi everyone. Just a quick update on the net project; I was trying to get this out for Friday to pick up the pace of the videos a bit, but it's turned out to be a little more finicky than I'd intended, we have friends passing through London tomorrow (Thursday) and staying with us on their way 'up north' and tbh I just didn't really fancy rushing it.

These schedules are self-imposed of course, and if I miss a deadline - even an off-schedule one like this - then the world won't end.

The drawers have come along pretty well - they're a little less snug now, at least - and I should have the runners glued in and the drawer boxes made up, albeit without fascias, by the time you read this. We'll see!

And just a final reminder that the comments will close on the Sealey sander giveaway this Friday at noon, so if you haven't put your name down already then get it done before then, OK? I'll do the draw in Sundays AWITW vid.

Thank you! Peter

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