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Midweek 106

Hi everyone. Just a quick one to follow up on the 'Jessem experience' and to say that the Triton router is up for grabs in the giveaways forum, if anyone's interested. I’ve posted a photo of the plate with the serial number, but googling that brings up an empty page - pretty rare nowadays!

The date of manufacture I’m guessing at 2004 - it reads 0427 - but I don’t know; I bought it used, and it came without documentation of any kind. It’s 240v with a UK 13a plug fitted, and there are a few more details in the giveaways post.

The Gift List preview is below - the full video will be out on Friday as usual, but as I mentioned before, things can be in short supply so if anything takes your fancy best to dive in fairly quickly.

Any questions, just ask.

Thanks! Peter

Gift List 2022 preview. I've consciously gone for things that are a little less costly this year as some folks may be feeling the squeeze - and even if we're not, the people buying for us may be - and I've included a couple of items I've featured before, partly because they're great value at a low price, and partly because I'm always getting asked about them!

Featured in this video:-

Hinge drilling guide; this is the little black one I use mostly as a saddle square, and I get asked about it all the time; also great value at £2.25 -

Tailors Awl, or ‘scratch’ or ‘tickers’ Awl; a small awl with a thin spike and point, great value at £3.50 for a 2-pack -

Stainless steel graphics knife, Olfa SAC-1; it’s like a snap-off scalpel, far better designed and made than it should be for £6.50 - (US -

SanderCard; such a great idea - (US -

Rhodia spiral-bound dot book; always liked the dot-book, but converted to these spiral bound ones for all the obvious reasons. A5 (£7) & A4 £12) - A5 -, A4 - (US: A4+ only in dot

Keith Brown clear wax; Keith makes this himself and has added a clear version in addition to the Original and Food Safe versions. Beeswax based, it’s thinner than a wax paste, but thicker than liquid beeswax, covers well and buffs up lovely. ~£15/tin from Keith’s Etsy -

Benchdogs MFT stoppers; neat idea to selectively blank off holes in an MFT top, and the magnet in the chamfering tool makes them easy to remove -

03 Adhesive thick CA glue; works great, doesn’t run all over the place -

O3 Adhesive Accelerator -

Chestnut Spirit stains; alchohol based stain, covers well and dries fast, lots of colours to choose from, link is to a 250ml bottle in red at around £16 - and there’s a sample pack of all 9 colours around £28 here -

Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic colours; as above, but in a water-based dye, sample pack of 11 colours and a Danish oil for about £35 here -

Robin Clevett hinge jig; nice single hinge template in 3” or 4” sizes, available individually or in a bundle with a bearing guided router bit -

Dave Stanton Dog Locks; Dave has now teamed up with friend of the channel Stu Parker (who makes the 18mm guide bush for the OF1010) to produce these and fulfil orders from within the UK, making them a much more interesting prospect at ~£26 with free UK shipping -

And a general shout-out to Stu Parker creations - Stu also makes the guidrail bar attachment for my DIY rail hinge, and a host of other handy things on his etsy as well -

Sixpence industries rail stay; this is a pair of spike-clamps to fix a guiderail onto a stack of boards stored on edge - as you might do when you’re tight on space - so that you can make a horizontal cut on the outer-most board; a little niche, but interesting, and I’ve never seen anything else like it! £29 -

GloForce Eye-light; great 1000 lumens task light with IP65 rating, USB-out so can be used as a power bank, and has a half-brightness mode that gives 7 hours of runtime. Kit available with a metal stand, strong magnetic base and rubber gooseneck. £45 for the light, £60 for the kit.

The magnetic base for the above is strong enough that I’ve been using it as a camera mount with the Smallrig magic arm (£15) load rating of 1.5Kg- (US:

Bessey horizontal fixture clamp WNS-SET-MFT; these are the Bessey version of the Festool ’surface clamp’ or ‘clamping elements’ with one crucial difference - they don’t lift the workpiece when tightened. Link is to a D-M tools (£60 or so) but search around for best prices -

And finally, give - or receive - the gift of 10MW Plus membership with a 10Minuteworkshop Plus gift card -

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Jonathan Skrine
Jonathan Skrine
Nov 24, 2022

The 'graphics knives' are a revelation. Who would think that reducing the angle from 60 degrees to 30 degrees would make such a difference.

I only discovered them a few months ago and took a punt. Now my second favourite knife. As usual the Ali express ones are considerably cheaper than Japanese Olfa and IMHO just as good. I got three with three packs of blades for £5.88 delivered to the USA last week for part of one of the grandkids Christmas pressies. They also do purple knives that take the baldes so herself is very happy as well....

My first favourite is the Drilpro folding stainless steel knife Just over £5 inc shipping - it hasn't left my pocket…


Nov 23, 2022

I think you should go for it on the Mondrian table and do the "legs" and top in the Mondrian style. The top with the bright colors and the legs with just grays sound really cool, especially if you do waterfall style legs. I'm really interested to see what you do with it.

Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Paul! I’ve redesigned the sides to make them less ‘busy’ - and incidentally, easier to make! I’m doing the top first, then I’ll see about the rest. 👍


Paul Civati
Paul Civati
Nov 23, 2022

Shouldn’t have to of course, but I think I’d be taking a bit of sandpaper to that hex tool.

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