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Midweek 118

Hi everyone. Just a quick catch-up this week; an abortive trip to South London on ‘Dad duty’ means my video plan for this week has to change - if indeed, I do anything at all.

I do find it astounding though, that people whose job it is to figure stuff out seem to be incapable, incompetent or simply unwilling to do the job.

Still, fun trip to across the river, and I got to see my daughter again. No day is wasted.

Catch you at the weekend. P

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Paul Civati
Paul Civati
08 mrt. 2023

My guess would be that the maintenance guys are paid regardless (on a retainer probably), especially if the management company are responsible for several buildings. So they get paid regardless, doesn't matter to them whether they care, or fix anything or even know anything.

Of course, it is not the management company that pays for all this but the poor leaseholder in the £LOL service fees they are charged.

09 mrt. 2023
Reageren op

Cheers Paul. Yes, the 'service charge' are ruinous - almost mortgage-money by itself! 🤷‍♂️

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