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Midweek 119

Hi everyone! Just very quick midweek catch-up this week - head down and grafting!

TL;DR - Robin Clevett chat out this Friday, Triton Doweller next week, Undermount drawer runners after that, then maybe Birch ply alternatives, and 'fix your doweller with masking tape'. Busy, busy!

Catch you at the weekend. Peter

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Given your Triton Duo Dowel reservations, I just wondered if you have come across Jessem's alternative offering??

For the money, I think I would prefer saving a bit more to get the real thing.

Mar 23, 2023
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Yes, I think it's trying to do too many things, which inevitably adds complexity; the Domino is the obvious competition (hence the click-bait-y video title, and let's be honest we expect no less from Mr Lincoln St...) though the jig only has 6, 8 and 10mm bits available with a max. plunge of ~26mm, so it's clearly taking a swing at the DF500's audience. I've just taken a look at the Jessem site, and the bare tool is $350, it's another $50 for the mounting bracket, and each of the bits are around the $50-mark as well, and the kit with the plywood workstation is $500 - and all plus taxes/VAT - so the costs would stack up pretty fast,…

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