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Mirka Deros & Deos giveaway and long term test! [member edit]

For all 10MW members, direct link -

So a little over a year ago I put all my sanders away in a box to see if I could cover all my sanding needs for a year just using two sanders - the Mirka Deros 150/5mm random orbital, and a Mirka Deos orbital or ‘palm’ sander - I know, right, "just"...These are my findings - and to make sure my judgement wasn’t clouded by potential long-term ownership, I’m giving these two sanders away, details below.

Full disclosure; I purchased these sanders direct from Mirka, but I did receive a discount; Mirka UK have kindly agreed to transfer the balance of the warranty (roughly 2 years) to the new owners valid for UK & ROI residents only.

To put your name down for either sander visit and sign up as a Plus member* and a link to the entry form will be published in the giveaways forum in the next couple of days. Or you can simply signup to the 10MinuteWorkshop newsletter at and the link will be included in a special newsletter, again sent out in a couple of days.

The lists will stay open until the end of November 2023, so if you’re interested you need to get a wriggle on. Full T&Cs available on the signup form.

*All members are eligible for the giveaways.

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Kevin Harvey
Kevin Harvey
Nov 17, 2023

As a member using your link sends you to a new start up page. I already receive the newsletter and nothing else works on the page, I am confused, on what to do next.

Nov 18, 2023
Replying to

Just to follow on Keven, here’s an annotated screenshot, everything is working as it should; hope that helps! P

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