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Money, Mouth, Mirka! [member edit]

Direct video link -

In this one I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is and buying not one, but two #Mirka sanders to use as a long-term test. I purchased these with my own money - got to spend those YouTube millions somehow - but I did receive a discount from MirkaUK; after the test conclusion in 6-12 months, the #MirkaDeros and #MirkaDeos will be given away to 10MinuteWorkshop Plus members. Enjoy!


I am not affiliated in any way with Mirka and have no financial interest in their products.


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Heads up; as an Amazon Associate, an eBay Partner Network member, a benchdogs and Rennie Tools affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made through these links.

Links are provided for reference only, please check the product description before buying as Amazon sellers can change these at will. Note that prices also fluctuate and may have risen since I made my purchases.


Used / featured in this video:-

Festool RTS 400 -

Festool ETS 150/5 -

Festool Midi extractor (bluetooth) -

Mirka Deros -

Mirka Deos (kit price) -

Mirka Abranet 150mm disc P120 -

Mirka Abranet 81x133 sheet P120 -

Sealey sander (cheaper elsewhere) -

Smirdex mesh abrasives from eBrasives -

Moldex 6810 in-ear defenders - (US:

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