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Pocket-money Guiderail adapter [member edit]

For all 10MW Plus members

In this one I make a router guiderail adapter that’s quick, cheap and easy to do. Enjoy!


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Double-sided tape video? Yes Please!! You've elevated my appreciation of a rarely used servent in my shop, to a whole new level. I have a new-found respect for something that years ago, I rarely considered using.

Me gusta
Contestando a

It’s coming! 👍

Me gusta

That's my project for this weekend - help to reduce the mountain of offcuts a bit.

The double sided tape review would be helpful.

Finally. Where did you get your marking knife? It looks to be a handy ambidextrous design.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thanks Peter,

Definitely a lot of Orn8 stuff, but no sign of marking knives on his site today.

I will continue to use the corner of a chisel, when nothing else is to hand - as taught for my O level woodwork.

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20 abr

Getting terrific responses on the public video for the jig and also for a double-sided tape video.

Might you have a suggestion for affixing a Trim Router (1/4” collet) onto the jig? We cannot put any type of guide bushings onto our trim routers (Ryobi, Ridgid, etc.)

Terrifically simple jig. I’ve already sent the public video to 10 of my woodworker friends.

( hopefully you saw my very recent suggestion on a 3-week old video to consult with a few specific US-based CNC shops for your jig-making )

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Thanks Niraj! Oh wow, really? Never seen a router that won’t take a guide bush! Usually the base has some fixing points that can be removed, so you could drill through the base and fix the router on with machine screws - though that takes away the easy-on easy-off universal appeal of the guide bush approach! The other option would be to build a lip around the base of the router to locate it - doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just some thin material held on with double-sided tape to keep it in place.

And thank you yes; Mike Taylor has suggested a couple of places who may be able to help with the US based CNC work, i…

Me gusta

Love the jig Peter. Another one to add to my list of ‘useful builds’ to tackle when I have the workshop finished. -S-

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Thanks Sarah! 👍

Me gusta

Yes, please on the tape vid. I have double-sided tape, but never ever considered that different tapes would have different best uses. That would EXTREMELY helpful.

Thanks for all you do, Peter. I learn something from every single one of your vids.

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Cheers Alan! It’s coming! 👍

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