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Quick mid-week catch-up

DIrect video link -

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing OK; just a very quick mid-week catchup here. The video explains it all, pretty much, but a couple of folks have asked about the newsletter I mentioned at the weekend?

As I think I mentioned, it's really aimed at folks who aren't members, but I also know that a few members have signed up for it, so I tried to keep it of interest to everyone.But rather than have all the members on the mailing list, how about if I post a link to the web version of the newsletter here in the blog, when they come out?

The current (first) one is here:-

There's a bit of weird formatting on one photo, but otherwise it's a pretty good representation of what went out. Let me know if you'd like to see these posted regularly, OK?

One quick housekeeping question from me; is everyone getting the notification emails OK? Like when I post here, or in the forum? Plus member Andy (Andaval) hasn't had any since mid-June, and I'm scratching my head a bit to understand why - just wanted to check that it was an isolated thing, and not a widespread issue??

Thanks! Peter

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