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Series idea?

Hi everyone. Sorry, no video preview this week (it's a short tip & jig vid up tomorrow, and if I started previewing it there'd be nothing left!) but instead I wanted to run an idea for a series past you all.

Been thinking about doing something around a Christmas/holidays theme, and I know some YouTubers do a 'highlights' video of craft-type projects they've done through the year, but, since I don't do that kind of stuff, I've thought of doing a '12 gifts for Christmas' series showcasing small projects of varying difficulty/complexity that could make good gifts.

Would this be of interest, do you think, or am I better off just concentrating on work I do, the installs etc... for the next few weeks?

Gift idea vids would cover super-simple tea-light and candle holders, stands/holders for iPad/tablet/phone, headphones, smartwatch charger & strap display, a couple of clocks (wall and mantle), some drinks coasters, small trays, a different display column/plinth, a simpler asymmetric picture frame, a pull-along toy of some sort and possibly a 'turn the handle' automata... yeah, I'm going to be running out of time here aren't I, lol!

Materials would be simple and readily available (Birch ply, reclaimed oak floorboards, some dark stripwood) and tools and machinery kept as simple as possible. Project plans would be available for free download to all my Patreon supporters, paid download for everyone else.

What do you think? Worthwhile project, or just a waste of (everyone's) time? Let me know.

All best, and Thanks!


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