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T12 First Impressions - ad-free for members

This is a first look at the #Trend #T12 #router - the T12 and T14 are the first routers I've seen that have been refigured to comply with the legislation that came in last year, and that I discussed during my router bench build. Long story short, all new routers need to have the equivalencies of an NVR switch built into them, and this makes it challenging to use them in a router table.

Trend’s solution is two models, one for hand-held use, and one made for table-mounting, and in this video I take a quick look at the hand-held Trend T12.

**This product was supplied by Trend for Review. I have not been paid by Trend to make this video or to say nice things about the product. I have no financial interest in this product, or in Trend Tools and Technology. Find the full spec of the T12 router here -


"IEC 62841-2-17:2017 Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery - Safety - Part 2-17: Particular requirements for hand-held routers" can be found here -

About that legislation… OK, so I had many, many questions about this and I only know what I’ve been told; it's really hard to get solid information on the legislation without buying a copy pf the IEC standard (link above, ~£120 - feel free to go ahead and tell me what you find...) but from what I'm told, the legislation is really for manufacturers, it doesn't effect legacy routers, only new sales, and retailers have 12 months to sell their existing stock.

The legislation came into force on December 21st last year, and the principle change is the addition of a built-in equivalent of an NVR switch, which would make routers difficult to use in a table. There was talk apparently of expanding the reach to include routers used in 'professional' workshops, but that seems to have been dropped as I'd imagine it would be impossible to police or enforce.

That's all I know!

Thanks, Peter

Direct video link -

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