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Thank you, thank you, thank you

Hi everyone.

As I finally emerge from the ‘tunnel of madness’ that is the run-up to Christmas and the ‘festive fortnight’ it occurs to me that I’ve been very remiss in my communications with you, my Patreon supporters, with not even a comment posted about what was going on. So as the madness subsides, I just wanted to say how very grateful I was to you all for your support over the last few months, and how much it’s helped me keep things together.

Running a YouTube channel is much like running a business, except it’s one that costs you money, not one that makes money. And I already have a business to run - one that ostensibly provides me with a livelihood - so for all the support you’ve provided, not just financial, I wanted to say a huge Thank You, and to wish you all the the very best for the upcoming festivities.

I also have an(other) apology to make in that a few of my supporters have been omitted from the ‘thank you list’ I show at the end of my videos. This is a cock-up of my own doing (trying to be clever - never ends well) and has been put right for the next set of vids. starting on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday 26th, Boxing Day.

I know, it’s a time for families to gather and spend time together. And after a day or two of that, you might actually be craving a bit of time to yourselves, so I’ve put together a series of short (guilt-free!) videos about a little project of mine that went spectacularly awry (spoiler - turns out OK in the end) and I’ll be posting these daily, starting on the 26th, for next five days.

This will be followed by my ‘end of year round-up’ video out on New Year’s Eve, January 31st, where I’ll be chatting about what I’ve decided to do with the channel. No spoilers on that one - you’ll have to watch and find out.

See you next year 👍 oops...

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