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Tin Drum Extractor anyone?

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thanks so much for all the feedback on the extended version of the shelves 'basic build' video - I'll have another version of that out shortly which should address many of the comments. And thanks also for the well-wishes; my dose of dizziness seems to have subsided now, so I can crack on with everything that needs doing.

The Loose Tenon Jigs Plus are on the micro-store at, but I haven't yet shot the basic assembly video yet - I'll try and get that done tomorrow, when hopefully we'll also have the packaging sorted as well! As usual, the micro-store is for domestic sales, if anyone from abroad is interested just message me on etsy and I'll be able to sort you out as a private listing, OK?

As per the above, someone left a comment on my 'first impressions' video to say that this was available; looks like an upgraded version of the one I have - 65 litres rather than 50, but otherwise the specs look very similar; I haven't used this one, but I've been happy enough with the one I have, so if you're in the market for one this seems like a pretty good price for a unit with a 3-year warranty.

Links down below, as always, and I'll catch you again soon. Best, Peter Scheppach vac - Loose tenon jig Plus at My Etsy -

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