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Travel Toolkits [member edit]

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Whenever I go away I like to take a small toolkit with me, and while the Leatherman-style multitools work well, getting one without a blade for travel can be a problem; so I started looking for options, and here’s what I’ve put together; enjoy!

UK Government guidance on carrying knives can be found here -


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Hi Peter, I find the small rig unit really useful. Got it as a freebee when I bought a camera cage and have found so many uses for it other than photography.


Peter. Sometime ago i ordered one of these They are about to ship and while a bit spendy do give the option of removing the blade for air travel. They also provide CAD templates so you can design your own attachments and will consider adding additional tools if they like your ideas.

Apr 30, 2023
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Thanks Paul, that's a really clever system; look forward to hearing your thoughts when you receive it. 👍

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