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3 MFT Tops, 3 MFT Jigs

Let's try this again. Something very screwy happening here, and my apologies for the weirdness, but this was posted almost a week ago and has been viewed many times without any issues. But, once scheduled it seemed to mess up completely, so here's a re-rendered version, just in case, re-upped, and re-posted. Fingers crossed!

Direct video link -

[Gifted/Ad**] In this longer video I take a look at three different ways to make your own MFT (MultiFunction Table) tops using the UJK Parf Guide 2 System from Axminster Tools, the Trend MFT/jig and the RS Pro jig from CNC design. Enjoy!

** The UJK Parf Guide 2 was supplied for review by Axminster Tools and Machinery, and the Trend MFT/jig was supplied for review by Trend Tool Technology. I purchased the RS Pro jig myself. I have not been paid to make this video or say nice things about the product.

Some product links may be affiliate links; I may earn from qualifying sales, at no additional cost to yourself; thank you for using these links to make a purchase.


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Featured/mentioned in this video:-

UJK Parf Guide 2 -{TAG.AID}&tagrid={TAG.RID}&queryID=ec0282050634baed67071081df95ec0c

Trend MFT/jig -

Trend 20mm router bit -

Trend T12 Router -

RSPro jig -

Rennie tools 12.7mm straight bit -

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