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A Week In The Workshop 115

Hi everyone, welcome, and welcome back. First week of the year and it’s been bitty kind of ‘housekeeping’ week, both doing my accounts - which I should have done way back, tbh - banging out a quick ‘talking head’ video that’s really doing quite well, and of course fulfilling the first tranche of orders for loose tenon jigs - many thanks to everyone who placed an order.

Some exciting things to come - I’ve put a quick little ‘proof of concept’ together for a remote control for a workshop vacuum, and I’ve started talks with a fulfilment company to take over the ‘shipping and handling’ side of physical goods sales - jigs, squares etc… The next big video will be the DIY MFT - been a long time coming that one - and if I can get the vac. Remote video rattled out this week coming then I’ll have almost three weeks to put it together, which is brilliant, and such a relief.

I’ll let the video fill in the details; thank you as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and i’ll catch you next week.


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