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A Week In The Workshop 116

Hi everyone, welcome, and welcome back. Been a very calm week in the workshop this week, and I’ve been very content to fiddle around with the electrics and relays that, on reflection, I probably won’t turn into a video, at least not for this coming week. While I think the concept is pretty solid - turn an older e.g. CTL Mini or Midi (or any other vac with a PTO) into a remote vac, I think most people will just plug in an external remote plug and use that. Yes, a vac with a PTO can’t have that function simultaneously with the remote, but that’s resolved just by hitting the remote and switching to auto, so that Venn diagram of potential watchers is getting smaller and smaller at the overlap! And all things considered - and thanks so much to Jacek Sadlon for all his help to date, and for the use of his video here - I think it’s drifting away from the core content a little too far. In other news I started my ‘Filmmaking and Storytelling with Casey Neistat’ this week, and it was fun to do; what I need to watch out for is that I don’t do the easy things and just make a video like the ones I always make - the idea is to be challenged, and change the way you work - whilst at the same time not turning ourselves into a bunch of Casey mini-me’s. Drone shot and boosted board at the ready… The (hopefully) final test run of the Loose Tenon Jigs + are in hand, and look lovely; I’ll be getting these out to a few folks this week before hopefully putting a full batch in hand - keep you posted. Actually, I do have one niggle on the LTJ+ that I could use some help with, and I’ll pop a mid-week vid in to ask your opinion on that, rather than try and get into it now. This vid ends with the first couple of minutes of my ‘spontaneous’ video for the Casey N film school - let me know what you think! Al least I managed to have a good clear-out on the strength of it! Thanks, as always for your amazing support, stay safe, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you again in the week. Best, Peter

#AWITW #AWITW116 #LooseTenonJig+ #LooseTenonJigPlus #FilmSchool

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