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A week In The Workshop 117

Hi everyone! Welcome, and welcome back!

Lots of little bits going on this week; I shelved the idea of the vac remote project - there are other ways to achieve this and I’m not sure it’s of sufficient interest to a wide enough audience to justify it; as I’ve said before I’m trying to shift to a fortnightly video, so the ones I put out have to count. If you’re interested in fiddling with this kind of thing then you can probably figure it out yourself, and if you’re not then I’m probably not the person to be trying to explain it to you, in all honesty!

I did the nailer & stapler video which is doing OK - it was very information dense so was scripted, which took a day to write the 2500 or so words. They’re quite easy to shoot, but there are lots of cutaways, and the legacy video clips can take a while to find. This video was meant as a slow-burn; the kind of thing - like the concealed hinges vid - that just sits on the channel and answers a specific question for people, which hopefully reaches a wider audience, and brings them in.

The loose tenon jig empire continues to grow - there’s more here about the whole fulfilment process, which isn’t proving to be straightforward, and I mentioned last time a slight niggle with the Loose Tenon Jigs + which is now resolved.

The DIY MFT is getting closer and closer, and I bought the guide rail hinge and front support from Rob at DashboardPWS, which arrived this week; goodness, what a fine chunk of aluminium that is! I wasn’t actually planning on using the hinge, but it’s so good I think I’d be mad not to. One thing that did surprise me was the level of interest shown in a few photos that I put on Instagram, and while I don’t think the hinge/rail support warrants their own video, I do wonder if there’s the scope for an ‘MFT hardware’ video - rail hinge options, fence options and choices, extrusion options etc…

I’ll look into it, and if I can spin it out into a worthwhile video, I will. And finally, I’ve been asked to guest on a podcast; the Three Northern Makers podcast comprises Steve Bell from North Yorkshire, Pierre ‘the Swedish Maker’ from Sweden, and Andy ‘Patato woodworks’ who is Swiss, but lives in Sweden. So, quite a lot further north than I am. I’m recording this on Monday, and it should go out on Sunday 30th.

Been a while since I was in front of a mic. without a camera running!

That’s it for this week though, thank as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you next week. Peter

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